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Entries for Custom Castle Figure

"Phoenix Warrior Princess"

Warrior Princess riding a Phoenix

Submitted by: Griffon


Abusson is an evil centaur. His name means

Submitted by: jdarlack

Armoured Dark Knight

My Armoured Dark Knight

sheild from Brickforge

Submitted by: Balamorgineas

Black Knight

Helm, sword and shild are handmade

Submitted by: Gothano


A captain of the holy Templar Guard.

Submitted by: Karrde

Custom Dwarf

Custom Dwarf made form an old SW Ewok head with sanded off ears and then painted. Pictured with Little Armory Axe.

Submitted by: Reeper

Custom Elf

Custom Elf made with a CW Obi-wan Kenobi torso, with sword made form an old LEGO scimitar.
Also pictured with a Brickforge Bow.

Submitted by: Reeper

doric the weapon merchant.

my entry for the custom castle figure category. from the CCC-VII

please vist the link ?

Submitted by: thegoldenknight

Draker Von Orkenritter

Once a simple smith, now a wild wielder of war-hammers!

Submitted by: Azaghal

Ezio Auditore de Firenze

Italy, 15th century, the Renaissance. (this is still in the middle ages)
The open minded Ezio Auditore is a young noble. One day his family is being murdered and he wants vengeance. His father was an assassin, and he uses his fathers clothes to become one himself.

Submitted by: DJimBo


Nasty attack Goblin with bad temper.

Submitted by: NaNeto

GUAN YU-Leader of LiuBei's 5-Tiger-like-Knights

Guan Yu-Liu Bei's sworn brother,regarded as Saint of Warriors due to his loyalty and braveness,his famous 41kg Dragon Crescent Simitar killed many most famous knights like Yan Liang & Wen Chou.Two of his main feature was his red face and long beard

Submitted by: KINGARTHUR

Hunlet, the Angry

Submitted by: piglet


Of noble decent.

Submitted by: NewRight

Knight of Santiago

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking


Bow and arrows are wood, quiver is suede

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

Lord Vane

The Leader of the Northern Dark Armies

Submitted by: thor

Medieval Bagpiper

This traveling minstrel may look like easy pickings to footpads as he wanders from castle to castle but beware he carries a sword and knows how to use it

Submitted by: Balamorgineas

Molakar Kaerjhank

Molakar's home was attacked by undead when he was young. The dragonborn, then learning the lumbering trade, took up a maul and started smashing skeletons. His home and family were all killed in the attack, and he took the name Kaerjhank, meaning "Dayhammer", as he began a quest to spread light and law to the dark places of the world. He reveres Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, and now carries a mordenkrand he took from a slain blackguard.

Submitted by: Lord Mikal

My Warrior Woman

This is my Warrior Woman.
Bright. Aggressive. Accurate. Militant. Victorious.

Submitted by: kubikr

Plague Victim

A poor man who has caught one of the many plagues that went through europe during the medieval period.

Submitted by: Infomaniac


The Queen

Submitted by: Francisco

Royal Assassin

A assassin in service of her majesty

Submitted by: NaNeto


Creator of the one ring, and nemesis to the free peoples of middle earth.
Stands one stud taller than a standard minifig, without helmet attached.
Sauron, based on Peter Jackson's addaption of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Submitted by: TriUmp


Shegore is a female Troll warrior with a dream to unite all the Troll tribes, and get them to stop their war-like ways.

Submitted by: Brickule

The invincible Knight-Lv Bu

Armed with a helbert and riding on his fastest horse Red Hare,Lv Bu was recongnized as the peerless and invincible
warrior at that time.Even under the joint attack of Guan Yu & Zhang Fei,he was still able to keep breakeven,and
only had to retreat when Liu Bei joined the combat as well with his two sworn brothers.

Submitted by: KINGARTHUR

The King's Royal Guardsman

The king has decided that in these uncertain times, more protection is warranted. He has created the Royal Guardman post, and has found the most loyal men in his army to protect his life.

Submitted by: shmails


Submitted by: babyjawa

Thorn The Impaler

This is Thorn the Impaler, also known as the Black Prince of Pain, was once a prince who's life was perfect until he was excommunicated from his home and country. He took his training and knowledge, and has turned it into a man who has no king, no general, no orders......only hate, anger, and a multitude of talents.

Submitted by: shmails

Urkgrim Def Klawz

Leader of the Troll Hordes to the South whose weapons of choice are two custom made Gauntlets created from dragon claws. Gauntlets are created from wrenches, shoulder pads are a Technic gear, custom torso based on the designs of Joey Finnell, horns/pads added using painted molding putty.

Submitted by: DarkTemplar

Warrior Hammerman

Submitted by: kubikr

Ye Ole Postal

All that mail has to get to its location somehow. He delivers packages of all sizes from letter to small boxes via Ox Mail.

Submitted by: NewRight

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