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Entries submitted by shmails

Bear Claw Castle

Shortly after his escape, Gorang started to think about how to better secure the future of the clan. He immediately decided he needed a castle that befit his clan's power, history, and respect for nature. The entry gate is designed to intimidate all those who enter.

Submitted by: shmails

Flying Buttress

The Crown King has just finished his legacy, a new cathedral designed and built using flying buttresses, a new technology that allows interiors to be taller and more awe inspiring.

Submitted by: shmails

The King's Royal Guardsman

The king has decided that in these uncertain times, more protection is warranted. He has created the Royal Guardman post, and has found the most loyal men in his army to protect his life.

Submitted by: shmails

The Lighthouse of Eternal Light

Located nearly 2 miles off shore is the one of the jewels of the Crownie Empire, The Lighthouse of Eternal Light. Built on a small rock island, it is manned by a 5 man team that spends a two month tour on the island. The lighthouse has the added ability of being a warning beacon of an impending attack by quickly dousing the fire. The structure is designed to withstand the furious storms that hit the coast, however today the men are relaxing by fishing, cleaning, looking for mermaids, and getting some sun.

Submitted by: shmails

Thorn The Impaler

This is Thorn the Impaler, also known as the Black Prince of Pain, was once a prince who's life was perfect until he was excommunicated from his home and country. He took his training and knowledge, and has turned it into a man who has no king, no general, no orders......only hate, anger, and a multitude of talents.

Submitted by: shmails

Training a Bear Claw Knight

The Bear Claw Clan has decided in order to battle the crown armies, they must create their own knights. Gorang has created a set of test to push the page to his limits. The first test is the Leap of Faith, in which the page must prove his bravery in from of one of his mentors. After passing some basic bravery and loyalty tests, the page is brought to the training grounds to have his first Bog Riding lesson. The Bog is the Bear Claw's version of a horse, and is an integral part of a Knight's training. The final step before becoming a knight of the Bear Claw Clan, the page must stand on the carpet of blood and recite the oath to Gorang himself.

Submitted by: shmails

We Would Rather Die Trying!

A garrison of Bear Claw Clan warriors was captured a few month ago. Since that day, they have been planning their escape from the Prison of Forgotten Tears, one of the most difficult prisons to breakout of in all the land. The plan is simple: Breakout of the cages at the same time, and rush the guards, hoping to catch them asleep and overpower them. They know they will not all make it!

Submitted by: shmails

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