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Entries for Miscellaneous

Andrios Castle

Submitted by: DNL

Antoine's Tower

After Building a mighty fortified tower in a swamp, Pedro the Ogre and gets some friends to claim the swamp back. Sir Antoine gets some "encouragement" from his jester.

Submitted by: ELMAS

Avenue of the Dead

Microscale rendition of the Aztec Avenue of the Dead.

Submitted by: HeavyWeather

Bear's Hibernation Interrupted

A bear suddenly awakens from hibernation in the middle of winter. Apparently, there was a bat inside the cave, squeaking loudly. After finding out what happened, the bear enjoys some salmon that has appeared out of nowhere.

Submitted by: Mörs

Carpenter workshop

Carpenter workshop.

Submitted by: Liwnik

Castle MoCBlocks

Tired of spending hours building a castle, only to spend many more tearing it down and sorting the pieces for your next MoC? You need Castle MoCBlocks! Build your MoC in minutes! Building a dozen MoCs in a day! MoCBlocks come in a variety of standard sizes with interlocking connectors. Get your Castle MocBlocks today! A Jimco product.

Submitted by: jim

Classic-Castle Board Game

A board Game featuring four classic factions (Crusaders, Black Falcons, Forestmen, and Wolf Pack) on a journey to find the crown.

Submitted by: quickblade22

Dragon Castle

Submitted by: Legacek

Duncan lee & Craig Lee

Lego Ninja Training Fortress - original creation including a three level pagoda with each stage removable to access the room beneath.

Submitted by: tracytracy

Even A Necromancer Has To Eat

Even A Necomancer Has To Eat

Karl always wanted to be a chef, but his mother had other plans for him. She had always wanted the prestige associated with having a necromancer in the family, and so Karl was sent off to study the necromantic arts. Upon the death of his mother, however, Karl was free to pursue his true calling in life. Finding an isolated valley, Karl set about raising a host of undead to prepare a cornucopia of gastronomic delights. Now, many years later, Karl spends his days in his idyllic valley surrounded by lush fields and a veritable army of skeletal sous-chefs.

Submitted by: Handar

Frosty Falcon Fortress

My first castle since early 80's, inspired by the 32x32 challenge at CC.
For accessibility I couldn't choose wether to build it in different layers or with swinging walls, so I did both.
Minifigs can enter even the smallest towers.
There are also four holes in the walls to light the fireplace or the torch.

Submitted by: zeeronemo

Gyfhat Retreat

When word of an assassination plot against him reached his ears, the Duke of Qwer-Gyf decided to play it safe. Placing his responsibilities of the shoulders of his advisors, the Duke relocated to his secret estate along the Kubrand River. Far from any cities, the Duke felt safe. Little did he know that the assassin was dogging his steps…

Submitted by: remyth

Happy Bow Inn

The Happy Bow Inn. Owned by the half-elf Jancaryn Fiddlemage It has a small tavern downstairs, with two rooms for rent upstairs. The accommodations are good, They include a small private room with a bed and a covered chamber pot for the price of 5 gold pieces a day.

Submitted by: Rick-Ricks

Jester's Folly

The new jester wanted to impress the king with his juggling skills. Unfortunately, he should have spent a little more time practicing first.

Submitted by: nanuck95


Skelly skulls come in handy for a friendly game of keep-away.

Submitted by: jdarlack

Kestrel Tower

Submitted by: Brian Corredor

Lego Castle Monopoly

Only The board and markers are Lego. I use the official monopoly money ,chance,comunity chest and real estate cards when I play.
I put my official Monopoly board in the picture for referance

Submitted by: Balamorgineas

LEGO Kyomachiya

Edo period Kyomachiya. Machiya are two story wood and plaster structures nicknamed unagi no nedoko [bed of eels] because the long narrow lots they are built on resulted in the city blocks looking like boxes full of eels. The typically long narrow lots were used in response to taxes being determined by the length of street footage of a individual's property.

Submitted by: bleyledawn

Medieval Bowling

Play bowling? Why not? A new exciting board lego game can help you to brighten up your leisure. Hagrid makes a giant swing and ... boulder flies in the brave spuds, standing in the jaws of the snake ...
...All skittles have been shot down.
The gold Cup goes to Hagrid!!!

Submitted by: kubikr

Ocean Outpost

A lonely watchtower sitting off the coast. Pleasant enough duty in summer, but a grim posting in the winter months...

Submitted by: TooMuchCaffeine

Outlaw Raid

Scrope's daring band of outlaws strikes again! This time on the new prison tower to rescue his younger brother, Anders. His plan is to attack the main gate to make a diversion, while a smaller party sneaks in the back.

Submitted by: Balamorgineas

Pocket Castle

Inspired heavily from Baba-Jani's Pocket Palace at , I created a Western-European styled castle.
it features a tiny courtyard with a weapon rack holding a sword, an axe and a Flail, a 5x15 Stud Keep with table and stool, a suit of armor on display, and comes with three mini figures.

Miscellaneous due to not meeting 32X32 Requirements.

Submitted by: Jevil

Stefan's Northern Stronghold

Submitted by: busboy489

Tanala the Witch

A witch by the name of Tanala lives deep in the swampy marshes on the border of civilization. Despite her humble living conditions, she is a very famous and powerful witch of untold age who has made kings and destroyed kingdoms.

Submitted by: nanuck95

The Bird Rock.

A small rock were many different types of birds land to rest on their travels. Today, a dwarf and his parrot on vacation are passing by too.

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

The Departure of Boromir

This creation depicts a scene from the Fellowship of the Ring movie.

It was inspired by the Goblin shield from Brickforge

Submitted by: Balamorgineas

The Groomsman of the Stool

The royal megablocks wipe. Back in the time of Henry the eigth, the kings made nobles wipe their bottoms. This high ranking title is called the Groomsman of the Stool

Submitted by: Infomaniac

The Screaming Bell of Doom


Submitted by: kris kelvin

the weapon merchant

this is my creation for the contest. i hope you like it. sorry for my bad english i,m duth and 12 years old.

please vist the link.

Submitted by: thegoldenknight

Timothy's Tremendously Terrible Tower Of Terror

In a spooky forest sits a lone, haunted tower, known in legends as Timothy's Tremendously Terrible Tower Of Torture!!

Submitted by: Garbageman13

Winter Pocket Palace

Shortly after making my original European pocket palace, I wanted to make another Pocket palcace. Having tan bricks, and snow pieces from the Orient expedition sets, I wanted to make a more winter-y castle. This one comes with 2 knights with fur helms, a study with all 3 maps from orient expedition, a small hearth and bed, and a weapon rack with a sword and emblazoned shield. Like the other one, it opens, however, it is more accessable.

Submitted by: Jevil

Wolf Sled

A Wolfpack trader carries vital supplies on a wolf-pulled sled through the bitter snows. Will he make it in time?

Submitted by: Azaghal


A scene showing off the quiet and calm life of a woodcutter.

Submitted by: CastleLord

Ye Medieval Fayre

After lunch, can I whip you?
Thrill-seekers come from far and wide to go on the merry-go-round and ferris wheel, or simply experience the joys of the comedy play, dodgems, wrestling, archery contest and the test-your-strength machine; all at the expense of the troll prisoners and huge underground gears!

Submitted by: SlyOwl

Zimbab Castle

I wanted to do an African castle, but not Mediterranean, this is partly the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and part Fasilides Castle in Gondar.

Submitted by: Mark Stafford

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