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Entries submitted by SlyOwl

A lifetime's work...

First, the basics at Knight School - learning how to rescue a Damson in Distress, and various other basics besides.
Then, travel to far-away places in search of knowledge, to broaden the mind and encourage understanding. Preferably a year-long internship, living as the locals do.
Finally, after a lifetime of training, time to perform Knightly Deeds. Depicted is our hero challenging the Black Knight at the Tree of Shields, alluding to Arthurian Legend.

Submitted by: SlyOwl

Dissolution of a monastery 1536

Henry VIII disbanded monasteries, friaries and nunneries in England between 1536-1541, essentially to take their money...

Submitted by: SlyOwl

Medieval Port

On the run from the law in olden times...

Submitted by: SlyOwl


A 15th century windmill, where the tower rotates around a central pole, driven by a fan-tail. The advent of the windmill greatly increased grain production capacity, in particular the post-mill, which could operate under wind from any direction, unlike the earlier, fixed windmills.

Submitted by: SlyOwl

Tower of Drahomira

Good King Wenceslas looked out...
Somewhere betweeen Bavaria and Russia, it is so cold that yellow minifigs are frozen into fleshies!

Submitted by: SlyOwl

Ye Medieval Fayre

After lunch, can I whip you?
Thrill-seekers come from far and wide to go on the merry-go-round and ferris wheel, or simply experience the joys of the comedy play, dodgems, wrestling, archery contest and the test-your-strength machine; all at the expense of the troll prisoners and huge underground gears!

Submitted by: SlyOwl

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